Introducing: Lambert

His sound is hypnotic sending you into a dreamlike state of mind with his beautifully executed melodies. Berlin based pianist, Lambert is an artist with depth and soul creating something utterly magical with his music. Touching on classical ideals and reworking tracks from a number of musical greats, Lambert proves to create something new whilst still holding a connection to the song.


Establishing a certain mysteriousness through his videos Lambert only ever shows his hands and a face covered by an unusual yet carefully crafted mask. Cultivating a completely separate character and creating a different world for his music it takes away from promoting his music in the usual sense.

Lambert divulges the origin of this mask saying it was inspired by a mask worn during Carnevale in a small village called Sardegna. “I saw a similar mask once in a book about Sardegna Carnevale culture and searched the web for ages until I found someone who could build this of mask,” says Lambert. This enigma that surrounds Lambert resonates throughout his work, musical process and the way in which he finds inspiration.



Revelling in the idea of complete silence Lambert knows that this can be very difficult to find. “I remember lying in a boat on a lake in the Swedish forest last summer. It was cloudy but windless so I couldn’t see or hear anything. I was all by myself and I started to hear things that my mind created because it had almost no other acoustic input,” describes Lambert.

A visual world is extremely important for Lambert and his work with a sense of animosity he is able to have a little more control over the way in which people engage with his music. “I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to hide my face and a big part of my personality as well because the face and biographic details are usually used as a campaign to promote the music,” says Lambert. Describing his sound as piano music Lambert does not like to be categorised as his music stems from a number of influences. Although, he grew up on classical and jazz piano Lambert’s style correlates with his love for folk and pop music.


“The fact that I mainly use felt in between the hammers and the strings of the piano characterises my sound strongly,” says Lambert. Lambert’s musical ventures incorporate the writing of his own music along with a number of carefully constructed reworks from musicians such as Jose Gonzalez, Moderat and his latest rework with the DNKL track ‘Battles’. A little cautious of going too far into the track, “I just wanted to play it and feel the song, so I started recording right away and did a kind of improvised version with the use of a delay to underline the spacey and repetitive atmosphere of the song, says Lambert.

Lambert’s aura is felt throughout his music in a way that is not often encountered. There is something to be said about the way in which he creates that has meaning and strength. Now working on mixing his new album that is said to be released later this year we cannot wait to hear more of Lambert’s musical magic.


Photos by Sebastian Weiss 

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