Introducing: Wælder

Meet Wælder, an Austrian–German duo and Shaban, a solo artist also known for his work with Käptn Peng. The two projects combine beautiful music and stunning visuals : we had the chance to meet them at their last Berlin concert. Elegant beats, smooth chords, a guitar that comes and goes like a cold wind and all this lead by an ambient soundscapes. You feel at home when you listen to Waelder. Because they don’t lead you somewhere precise but let the space for you to choose an inner destination.



Teaming up with Shaban on their tour, we met them in the stairs of the Roter Salon in the Volksbühne at the occasion of their Berlin Concert. Together we unfold the many aspects of a live performance.

WÆLDER – die tugend

KB: How did you guys meet? How did you choose to go on tour together?

Jan: I play with Shaban in an other band.
Shaban: Then I got to know this project and I was immediately a fan. Of course it is not the same music but it is from one same corner of music in general, we thought it might be a good idea to combine these two.

SHABAN – Waltan

KB: Both bands have a really produced music, how do you to do the transition from the recordings to the live show? Is it natural for you?

Moritz: Our music is made on the computer at first and then we have a lot of pieces and we go into the rehearsing room and try to make things happen. We have beats going through and we jam on top of it, Jan on the guitar and me on the synths. Or we try to take out play back sounds as much as possible and play them somehow.

Shaban: My music is totally made on the computer and there was no live intention. I had to think about a way to take it on stage, which was quite difficult for me. But now, I got to like my little set !

KB: Your music is really tight to the visuals, you put lots of work into your music videos and you are working with a VJ for live. Can you tell me more about it?

Moritz : Our music doesn’t have that much neither synth parts, vocals or lyrics so it is more just instrumental. We try to tell a story. We met people that liked our music and we said “Ok, take the music and do whatever you want!” The idea was to take this visual artist with us on tour. His name is VJ Pathfinder and he a very funny guy, which we also appreciate! And he tells an other story when we play live together. So there are two stories: the one we tell with the music and the one the visual tells. The audience can then just decide if they only want to listen to the music or also look at the visuals. And Vj Pathfinder manages to get across an other message.

WÆLDER – 381

KB: Does it also work this way for you?

Shaban : For my album it worked in a pretty similar way. I gave the tracks to different video artists. I also told them to go free with it. For the tour I think it was crucial to have something because the stage only comprise of somebody behind a machine. It is not a performance that comes up front. So I think that the visual really helps. And this guy knows his thing, he is crazy !

KB: Do you think that the combination of visuals and music is the future of electronic based music?

Shaban : We are not really inventing anything here, this combination already belongs to the present. For us it was very logical.

Moritz : I don’t think it is necessary that electronic music has to have visuals but it is an other way to tell a story. I think that in the future it will be more common to have hologram on stage.

WÆLDER – Khartum live feat VJ PATHFINDER

KB: An other similarity between you three is that you are involved in theatre. How do you combine these activities?

Jan: It is a different way of working. In theatre, you have a director and you work for him and if you do your own record, it is only you and your computer guitar or whatever other instrument.

Shaban: It makes me very happy not to always do the same thing. In theatre, I can play some things I can’t do on a record. I can play atmospheres and be even more experimental. I love to do this. At the end, it is very much about the change. Being able to do both is great.

SHABAN – Ungleichung

KB: Any future plans for Waelder and for Shaban?

Jan: We have been working on new material. I think there is something coming but I don’t to tell anything more.

Shaban: We all wish that we will make an album! For my part, there are some theatre projects coming up.

WÆLDER – Patrimonial


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