Introducing: Wooden Arms

UK based folk band Wooden Arms have just released their latest album ‘Tide’ taking classical influences to create a fresh and modern sound. Lucid and mystical melodies with classical instrumental overtones are the essence of Wooden Arms. A band that hails from Norwich in the UK, their music captures a delicate beauty and style that proves unique.


Alex Carson, Milly Hirst, Jeffrey Smith, Jessica Diggins, Fynn Tit-ford Mock and Alex Mackenzie are the make-up of this six-piece collective that seem to be ticking all the right boxes. Releasing their debut EP ‘False Start’ in Summer 2013 the band have continued to produce nothing but the finest. Their indie folk sound summons an alternate take on a perfectly balanced orchestral setting with a contemporary feel.

Returning with a perfectly executed video their new album ‘Tide’ released on German label ‘Butterfly Collectors’ shows a true strength and direction. With the single being produced by Wild Beasts and I Like Trains engineer David Pye it is not hard to pick up on their influences. The 6-track album sensually encapsulates an instrumental complexity adorned with superlative vocals that bring each track to life. Clear connections from classical greats are used to distinguish and yet embody a gentle ambience.  December and Tide being the first two singles off the album with another four impressive tracks to follow, Wooden Arms do not leave much room for criticism.

There is something to be said for the delicacy of the intertwining percussion, strings and vocals that creates a truly special sound. Wooden Arms features a fresh vibe with the use of a chamber group, which demonstrates abundant structure and feel for the music itself. It is certain that Wooden Arms will continue to be a band that stays true to itself as their articulate style of music mixes with somewhat sombre tones that touch on a variation of emotions. After having returned from their first German tour the band is now set to play at a number of venues across the UK – so don’t miss out.

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Tour Dates

11.10.14 The J2, Cambridge UK
12.10.14 Green Door Store, Brighton, UK
17.10.14 St Pancras Old Church, London UK
09.11.14 The Millenium Centre, Cardiff UK