Jacob Birge AW15/16 – BACKSTAGE

London Fashion week: Day 4. Our UK editor Karl Slater went backstage at the Jacob Birge AW15 Show. Jacob Birge AW15 collection is a breath of fresh air, unique silhouettes paired with original textiles making this one of the designers who really is thinking out side the box. Using rope, metal beads and strap like materials to create this show stopping collection.

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_003

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_008

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_029

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_031

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_038

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_041

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_050

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_051

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_056

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_063

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_075

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_077

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_085

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_095

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_096

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_119

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_127

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_132

Jacob Birge_AW15_BTS_150


Website:  www.jacobbirge.eu
Facebook: facebook.com/Jacob-Birge-Vision
Twitter: @Jacobbirge
Instagram: @jacobbirgevision

Credits Photography: Karl Slater www.facebook.com/karlslaterphotographer