Jacob Birge Vision S/S 2016

Introducing Jacob Birge Vision S/S 2016. The future of Polish fashion. Jacob Birge Vision collection for the Spring – Summer 2016 is inspired by a strong and sensual woman. The designer continues the vision of a woman who knows what she wants and how she wants to look. The original vision that accompanied the designer in the creative process is the image of warrior-reaching through the desert, conscious and struggling. Breaking through the sandstorm is both feminine and ephemeral.

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“This season we were fascinated by a woman fighting with the nature, but  also the desert itself: mysterious, peaceful and dangerous.”


Jacob Birge-8 Jacob Birge-17 Jacob Birge-16 Jacob Birge-15 Jacob Birge-14 Jacob Birge-13 Jacob Birge-12 Jacob Birge-11 Jacob Birge-10 Jacob Birge-9

The original inspiration: the desert as a layer infinity, with irregular lines of sand led us to an Italian glass casting techniques – Sommesso. It combines contrasting overlapping layers of organic and streamlined design. This shape was enlarged and scaled, and then placed on the fabric in printed form.

Silhouettes thus remain chic, while emphasizing the sensuality of a woman. The used colours are a clear reference to the same element: white, black, beige, gray, sand. This also applies to soft and fleshy used natural fabrics such as silk and wool. Collection consist full of detail reaches techniques such as 3D embroidery, printing and asymmetrical cuts that build spatial and eye-catching form.

Jacob Birge-18 Jacob Birge-31 Jacob Birge-30 Jacob Birge-29 Jacob Birge-28 Jacob Birge-27 Jacob Birge-26 Jacob Birge-25 Jacob Birge-24 Jacob Birge-23 Jacob Birge-22 Jacob Birge-21 Jacob Birge-20 Jacob Birge-19

Jacob Birge Vision is a forward thinking fashion brand, specializing in the high – end, modern, womenswear and accessories.What makes the brand innovative is the fact, that it combines
not only fashion, but also multidiscipline media such as sound design visual installations and fashion films, and an unconventional of hi-tech fabrics and materials, in order to present a clear and personal vision.


Photo : Piotr Narewski
Styling: Jakub Pieczarkowski
Hair & MUA :Marta Dzika
Model: Gabriela Papińska / Mango Models
Production: Karolina Mazurek
Shoes: MYS
Jewelery: ORSKA

jacobbirge.eu  // @Facebook

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