Jeanne Asimeng by Shahar Arviv

Shahar Arviv started photographing at the age of 16, by taking photographs at parties because Arviv’s liked the look of people relaxed, and carefree, their true selves. This is a story of boundless body pride and unlimited self-love. A story where body and jewellery combine bringing out the best in each other with their striking beauty and colour and the stark contrast between the jewels and the softness of the body.

Photography by
Shahar Arviv
Instagram: @shahar__arviv
Model is Jeanne Asimeng signed at Agency Juicyagency
Instagram of model: @_missjeanne
Instagram: @juicyagency_

Styling by @maorrbn
Creative by Shahar Arviv and Yale Eitan
Instagram: @shahar__arviv & @eitanyaelmakeuphair

Brands are Oded Kashi and Keen Wolf.