Jennifer Hudson’s ‘I Still Love You’ video is a statement on gay marriage

Jennifer Hudson is promoting the rights of the LGBTQ community in her latest JHUD music video for “I Still Love You.” The video is released as part of Logo’s #All50 campaign. And we love it! “I just think the concept was just powerful to go with such a positive song,” Hudson tells MTV News. “It’s about love and everyone should have love and have the right to love who they want to love,” Jennifer told us. “So I thought it would be powerful to take a concept like trying to find your equality in love no matter who you love.”

“I hope people walk away with a broader perspective of marriage equality,” JHud continues, “and everyone being able to choose who they want to love and just accept each other as their own and just give love and receive love, just love and be happy people. I love seeing people come together, so I thought it was a very real, beautiful inspiring moment,” she said. “And I think the video is just beautifully shot. I grew up surrounded and supported by the gay community and I just want to make sure I show them the same support and this is my way of doing it,” she said. “This is the perfect way to show my support through my music and just be there to support because again the gay community has always been my biggest support system it’s just me showing the love back.”

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