Jonny Knife

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Olesia Merso. Model is Andrew Korotkov. “Now, as at all times, daring and freedom-loving lifestyle is relevant.I decided to reflect this meaning through a more mature and well-established youth. And I did it deliberately, because everybody is tired of London post-punk youth wearing things Vetemens and ignited languages. Young people who really were never punk, all the poseurs. And the true rebellious spirit does not need clothes and drugs. He is in the eyes! Therefore, I decided to use such a colors, gestures, dynamics.” says Olesia. All clothers by Moscow designer Ilya Zenchevsky

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Photography by Olesia Merso / Instagram: @olesiamerso
Model is Andrew Korotkov / Instagram: @andreyrunkorotkov


All clothers by Moscow designer Ilya Zenchevsky

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