Juliëtte Heijnen @ Berlin Alternative Fashion Week

Meet the faces of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week Part 1! Dutch designer Juliëtte Heijnen unveiled her vision of fashion design to the Berlin fashion crowd last weekend during Berlin Alternative Fashion Week at Postbahnhof. Born in Roermond, graduated (2014) from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the young creative Juliëtte Heijnen has always been fascinated by human interaction and it’s physical response. In her fashion collections she focuses on searching for new silhouettes and interdisiplinary presentations. Photographer Sebastian Pollin spend the day backstage at BAFW to shoot all the collections and models for us. Thx to AirBerlin, BAFW and Sebastian. 

juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-2 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-17 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-16 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-15 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-14 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-13 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-12 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-11 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-10 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-9 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-8 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-7 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-5 juliette-heijnen-by-sebastian-pollin-3

Contact: www.julietteheijnen.com

All photos by Sebastian Pollin www.sebastianpollin.com