Juliette Heijnen Spring / Summer 2018 – NOPHOBIA COEXIST

#Lookbook! Designer Juliette Heijnen presented her NOPHOBIA collection during Fashionclash in Maastricht. The Rotterdam based designer got her inspiration basically based on acceptation in our society. Her designs are colorful and fun. She always is trying to push the boundaries in menswear. Photography by Armando Branco Heeren. Models are Joel Candelaria, Jozef Wright + Maurice Muller.

A world where acceptance is law.

Gender, sexuality and skin

colour are just part of your DNA,

we are all human and therefore each

individual should be able to

expres theirselves, in a way they

feel comfortable and complete.

don’t be afraid.

n o p h o b i a .

coexist in harmony.





Photo: Armando Branco Heeren

Styling: Jean-Paul Paula

Models are Joel Candelaria, Jozef Wright + Maurice Muller

Make up by Daisy De Weerd + Vera van den Berg

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