KALTBLUT Magazine presents BRACHMANN S/S 2017 Menswear Campaign „Heimatland“

#FashionFilmPremiere! We are proud to host the fashion film and campaign premiere for BRACHMANN S/S2017 Menswear “Heimatland”. A film by Astrid Gleichmann. Art direction and concept by Ulrich Hartmann and Christiane Buchholz. Styling by Konstantinos Gkoumpetis. Hair and make up by Christiane Buchholz. Make up Artist: Catrin Kreyss Web. Models are Felix Lorenzen @Modeldistrict, Maximilian von Eller- Eberstein @M4 Models, Helge Theil, Jimy Mariely Müller @One Time Management, Jakub Zawada @JMP Agency, Malte @Viva. Location Historischer Hafen Berlin, MS Hamburger Kurier. Music: Giovanni De Benedetto

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Film by: Astrid Gleichmann Web: astridgleichmann.de Instagram: @mangoaest
BRACHMANN www.brachmann-menswear.com
Art concept by Ulrich Hartmann & Christiane Buchholz
Styling: Konstantinos Gkoumpetis Web: www.konstantinos-creative.com
Instagram: @konstantinosgkoumpetis
Assistant to Photography: Saskia Wegner Web: www.saskiawegner.com
Instagram: @saskiawegnerphotography
Hair & Make Up: Christiane Buchholz Web: www.christiane-buchholz.com
Instagram: #christianebuchholz
Make up Artist: Catrin Kreyss Web: www.catrinkreyss.com Instagram: @catrin_and_jacob
Models: Felix Lorenzen (Modeldistrict) Instagram: @fxln
Maximilian von Eller- Eberstein (m4 Models) Instagram: @m.eberstein
Helge Theil Instagram: @heldenhafterhelge
Jimy Mariely Müller (One Time Management) Instagram @jimimariely
Jakub Zawada (JMP Agency) Instagram: @zawada.jakub
Location Historischer Hafen Berlin, MS Hamburger Kurier
Special thanks to @dysteriaprogram & Tattoo Box Berlin for the #tattooequipments

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