KALTBLUT Presents: Fil Bo Riva The Beautiful Sadness Tour 2021

Fil Bo Riva announces new tour dates for The Beautiful Sadness Tour 2021. Fil Bo Riva is an artist who is impossible to pigeonhole. The moniker for Italian born Filippo Bonamici, it is not what you would call a regular band; it’s more of a project, combining the talents of two close friends. With Fil growing up in Rome and moving to Ireland in his early teens, his musical education formed and developed gradually, pushing him to move to Berlin in 2012. After some years of studies and musical abstinence, the city finally brought new inspirations and positive distractions which shaped his songwriting and gave him the motivation to start the project in early 2015.

The Berlin-based project started getting attention soon after the release of the first single ‘Like Eye Did’ in 2016 and multiple European supports, including Matt Corby and Milky Chance. And all the while, Fil Bo Riva kept working on the album and teasing fans with new music, readying what they knew would be their defining musical statement. Fil’s Italian heritage plays an equally important role in the manifestation of his musical vision, one of his dreams being to prove that artists from Italy – or from anywhere else – can succeed on their own terms in international markets without downplaying their roots. Now, aged 27, and the author of such an assured collection of songs, it’s a dream he’s surely about to realize.

(c) Julian Spaete

New dates added
23.02.2021 München Technikum // 24.02.2021 Graz ppc // 25.02.2021 Wien Arena // 26.02.2021 Erlangen E-Werk // 27.02.2021 Leipzig Täubchenthal // 01.03.2021 Stuttgart Im Wizemann // 02.03.2021 Winterthur Salzhaus // 03.03.2021 Basel Kaserne // 04.03.2021 Heidelberg halle02 // 06.03.2021 Düsseldorf Zakk // 09.03.2021 Berlin Festsaal Kreuzberg // 10.03.2021 Köln Gloria // 11.03.2021 Hamburg Uebel & Gefährlich

All purchased tickets remain valid for the new dates. New tickets can be purchased here: https://krasserstoff.com/tour/157858