KALTBLUT Presents: Sevdaliza | Metropol

Sevdaliza will present new music for an exclusive show in Berlin’s Metropol on November 7th, 2020! The Dutch-Iranian artist Sevdaliza is much more than one could squeeze into the word “musician”. Her videos blur the boundaries between digital art and classical clip, her live shows sometimes don’t want to decide whether they are concert or performance or even a little fashion show. Her sound builds bridges between British trip-hop, Iranian vibes and the great contemporary American pop singers. Their 2018 album “The Calling” still sounded quite electronic-futuristic, while the singles “Darkest Hours” and “Martyr” from this year, in turn, rely more on the pure power of their insane voice and are more organically instrumented overall. Will this be their new direction for a later album? One can be curious. This year you will have the chance again to experience Sevdaliza live – as it is appropriate for a special artist in a special place. She will play in the recently reopened Berlin club Metropol. Check out Sevdaliza’s latest single ‘Oh My God’ below.

Tickets are available now exclusively at tickets.de