KALTBLUT Presents: Uèle Lamore | Maschinenhaus

French-American Uèle Lamore artist presents her album LOOM at Berlin’s Maschinenhaus on 16.06.2022 (previously 29.03.2022), and we’re offering 2 lucky readers to attend the show – just email win@kaltblut-magazine.com to enter! Uèle Lamore is driven by curiosity. She is always exploring the endless possibilities that music opens up for her. Her work spans far beyond genre boundaries and does not care about isolations such as classical or jazz. She writes soundtracks for feature films and documentaries as well as working for theater or dance companies. She studied classical music, jazz and rock, composition and conducting, plays the electric and acoustic guitar with virtuosity. In short, she approaches music from as many different directions as possible to create something new, previously unheard. 

On her ambitious album LOOM, Uèle Lamore fuses indie pop with alternative music in what she describes as “the model of a symphonic poem”. For this, Lamore worked with a whole range of musicians. For example, Thomas Hugenel on bass is also responsible for programming, the London Contemporary Orchestra plays the orchestral parts, Silly Boy Blue, Gracy Hopkins and Cherise are involved with guest vocals. Realizing the album on stage is also very important for Lamore, she goes on tour with a five-piece band.

There Lamore wants to emphasize the indie rock and indie electro aspects of the record and has oriented herself towards an instrumentation like that of Massive Attack 2008 or Radiohead for this purpose. The music should appear heavier and more grounded and thus set a clear sound contrast to the record live. In particular, the visual concept will work in harmony with the music. You can see how this can be imagined in the video for the previously released track “The Dark”. The visuals are by Japanese artist Akiko Nakayama, who has produced psychedelic and synchronized films for each of the eleven tracks. 

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