KALTBLUT Presents: Yasmin Williams | Quasimodo

For the first time in Germany, Yasmin Williams presents her solo album ‘Urban Driftwood’ live. Win tickets to her Berlin concert by emailing win@kaltblut-magazine.com! How many artists can claim to have charmed stars like Iggy Pop and Chaka Khan? American acoustic fingerstyle guitarist and composer Yasmin Williams is only in her mid-twenties and her modern, unconventional style has managed to do just that.

None other than the “Godfather of Punk” ennobles her music with the attributes “beautiful and accomplished” and plays her tracks in his show on BBC6, the soul queen Chaka Khan raves about her performance at the Newport and her innovative way of playing, in which she turns all parameters of fingerpicking upside down.

Yasmin Williams’ album ‘Urban Driftwood’ (2021) was included in The Guardian’s list of the best albums of 2021, received an incredible 8.0 rating from Pitchfork and received critical acclaim from a wide range of major media outlets. Her Tiny Desk Home concert has now been viewed more than half a million times. 

What? Yasmin Williams
Where? Quasimodo, Berlin 
When? June 3rd, 2022
Event info & tickets: here
Follow @guitar.yaz