Katie Eary AW16

#LondonCollectionsMen! Katie Eary is back! Well kinda, sort off.. If you’ve been following Eary’s work since the start (and we have) you would have seen a very slow decline of the wow pieces. Opting for a more commercial point of view in the last 2 or 3 collections. This AW16 seems to have the feeling of when Katie burst onto the fashion catwalks with collections demanding attention.

Were so happy Eary brought back the metallic look trousers and oversized outwear we fell in love with way back in AW10. As always Katie is blurring the lines on masculine and feminine giving silk robes, crushed velvet and drawstring detailing all a common place in womenswear.

KIM_0606_1280x1920_mini KIM_0984_1280x1920_mini KIM_0973_1280x1920_mini KIM_0907_1280x1920_mini KIM_1013_1280x1920_mini KIM_0960_1280x1920_mini KIM_0923_1280x1920_mini KIM_0850_1280x1920_mini KIM_0834_1280x1920_mini KIM_0782_1280x1920_mini KIM_0764_1280x1920_mini KIM_0749_1280x1920_mini KIM_0716_1280x1920_mini KIM_0700_1280x1920_mini KIM_0684_1280x1920_mini KIM_0637_1280x1920_mini

All in all we feel Katie is bring back what we feel made her successful and we hope she continues to push this direction more in the future.

Text: Karl Slater