Kickstarter Campaign: HART – Magazine for post fetishism and queer culture ISSUE 2

HART Magazine is a bi-annual magazine for post fetishism and queer culture. Based and created in Berlin – one of the worlds most vibrant, queer cities – we thrive to explore a different kind of beauty. We portray the excitement and commitment of the unique subcultures and clubbing scenes, while shining a light on powerful queer artists and icons from the LGBTQIA community. Support our friends HERE

“We always wanted to give our community an experimental place to show the beauty and love that holds us together – a space that you can hold in your hands, put on your shelf, and keep. In April 2018 we released a limited edition of 500 print copies of Hart Issue One – now, we will be releasing 200 pages of incredible queer content in Hart Issue Two.”


NIKLAS VAN SCHWARZDORN aka Miss Ivanka T. is the founder and creative director of HART Magazine. They finished their Bachelors degree in Photography this year in February, and currently work in Berlin as a freelancer, Drag performer and work as a HART editor and on fashion editorials.

LÉON ROMEIKE aka InterStella came from a small town in Niedersachsen. He moved to Berlin almost three years ago to be an actor, before deciding to start a modelling career, and he is now studying fashion journalism and styling. For HART he is responsible for concept creation and styling the entire magazine.

ELEANOR MURPHY studied Graphic Design in London and came to Berlin not to long ago to work as a creative freelancer. She designs the entire Magazine and ensures it looks sickening.

Without all the artists, designers, photographers and performers who have contributed, Hart couldn’t exist. In this issue we feature stories, photography and artwork from:

  • Klaus wieKind
  • Miss Meatface
  • Love Bailey
  • Ghōst
  • Olympia Bukkakis
  • House of Melody
  • Rocco Kowalski
  • Aja Jane
  • Nick Bauhahn
  • Eva House
  • Dominik Eisenhofer
  • Helena Tschakaloff
  • Michael Wong

and many more…

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