Kickstarter Campaign: SORT SOL – A Dystopian Sci-Fi-Fantasy Short Film

Award winning movie maker Rico Mahel is calling for help to finish his new movie: SORT SOL!  A short fantasy sci-fi film set in a dreary and concreted future in which a vent grants access to a world we have forgotten. It is your chance to support a bunch of creative minds from Berlin and be part of a masterpiece. All information can be found at:

Once upon a time … In the year 2083 our world is entirely digitized and industrialized. People are nothing more than work machines for the economy. One of them is our protagonist Nate Paz. Overwhelmed by the constant pressure to perform in modern society, Nate starts being haunted by a wolf that seems to come from another world. He is frightened and he is desperately trying to get rid of the animal but loses more and more grip on reality. As Nate, bit by bit, is cast out of society, his visions take over and bring him back to a world he has forgotten.

Rico Mahel (writer, director & editor) is a German-Mozambican-Portuguese filmmaker based in Berlin. He studied Photography at Lette Verein Berlin and Directing at the renowned German Film Academy dffb. His award-winning films and music videos have been screened around the world including the Academy Award® Qualifying film festival interfilm Berlin, Southern Africa’s largest film festival Durban International Film Festival and Japan’s most prestigious short film festival Sapporo Short Fest.

Kickstarter campaign: