#KickstarterCampaign – DEZEEP! A fashion brand for individuals

After focussing on headwear and having done some amazing projects  with notable artists and major events like Pitch Festival, DEZEEP is thrilled  to launch its first official collection for this upcoming spring/summer 2016! And now it is your turn to support DEZEEP! 


Surf inspired high-end fashion brand from Amsterdam launching its first collection with you! #doyoucopy

Coach jacket_1

“Because we want to give everybody the opportunity to literally be a part of  this collection as well, we’ve started a Kickstarter campaign. This way, pledgers will be able to be the first to see and pre-order the new  collection before everyone else. Check out the Kickstarter campaign page
to get to know the story behind DEZEEP! Besides the first collection we are also working on a headwear line for ETQ-Amsterdam  and other exciting projects. As its just a one man operation trying to find his way in the street fashion there are a lot of big challenges. Now this is my biggest one!” Paul Zeper – DEZEEP

Tide tee_2 Tide tee_1 Sweat_2 Slab pant_2 Slab pant_1 Pure tee Overshirt

#KickstarterCampaign – kickstarter.com/projects/dezeep/dezeep-a-fashion-brand-for-individuals

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