Glitterbox, Kiddy Smile and dance collective Waack in Paris present GlitterWhack, a first-of-its-kind whacking showcase at the festival’s Beach Stage on Saturday 5th August 2023. Upholding disco’s queer, inclusive dancefloor, GlitterWhack will welcome participants from across the globe to compete.



This August Defected’s annual flagship event Defected Croatia will feature the festival’s first live dance takeover, GlitterWhack. Hosted by nightlife phenomenon Glitterbox, with luminary Kiddy Smile leading proceedings alongside dance collective Waack In Paris, GlitterWhack will bring together dance music history and electrifying dance sub-culture in a way that only Glitterbox can.

Paying homage to disco’s inclusive spirit and history, Paris-based collective Waack in Paris will join the festival for its seventh edition, presenting a showcase like no other on the Adriatic coast this August. Emerging in the gay underground clubs of Los Angeles in the 1970s, whacking became a form of expression and empowerment among the queer Black and Latinx community, with disco soundtracking the social art form.

The live competition will celebrate all there is to love about disco music, dance and performance, hosting 30+ participants from across the globe, uniting the whacking community with one of the world’s most-loved nightlife brands. A perfect pairing for Glitterbox’s inclusive dancefloor, dancer, creative and DJ, Kiddy Smile will host this year’s showcase, bringing with him a host of renowned MCs, judges and artists set to bring the festival’s Beach Stage to life on Saturday 5th August 2023.

“For years now Defected has given a platform to dancers and performers on their many stages across the globe. I wanted to push this even further, providing dancers with an even bigger stage within a festival setting. Whacking is a queer dance style and is still mostly performed to disco music, making it the perfect match for the Glitterbox brand.” – Kiddy Smile.

The competition will be open to all that register, giving participants the opportunity to battle it out and be crowned GlitterWhack Winner. Prizes will also be up for grabs, with added surprises making this whacking debut an event not to be missed.

More details are to be announced shortly via Glitterbox and tickets are available to buy now from