KOLOVRAT SS 17 – Fear Of Love

#ModaLisboa! Designer Lidija Kolovrat, born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is one of the most exciting fashion brands from Portugal. KOLOVRAT Spring/Summer 2017 is my favourite menswear collection from ModaLisboa. I wanna wear every single item. The collection, called Fear or Love, is inspired by the duality as a choice or opportunity – to change or stay the same. Kolovrat aesthetic is both industrial and romantic, taking man to be aware of his femininity but interacting with his masculinity, a new level of sophistication with depth. The clash of textures play with the idea of masculine strength and vulnerability a mosaic of ideas, fabrics and cuts, frayed knitwear, boxy tees, patched graphic prints. The silhouettes shift between plain long shirts, asymmetric trousers, relaxed proportions …

Lidija Kolovrat studied cinema and fashion at the Design and Technology College in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1990 she moved to Portugal where she is recognised as a prominent artist and regularly shows video art and installations in galleries and museums.  Her extensive body of work includes costume design for the theatre, opera and contemporary dance among other performing arts. In her interdisciplinary research work and involvement with design, Lidija opened Kolovrat Lab, an art space that was to operate for 15 years as a platform for het to develop her own work in fashion, which is presented by ModaLisboa during the Lisbon Fashion Week.


Lidija has also applied her skills to teaching, workshops and master degree programmes within the Lab and its wide range of activities. In 2010, after a brief interval outside Portugal and the resulting closures of Kolovrat Lab, Lisbon saw her return and the start of Kolovrat 79. This multi-functional space where art and design can grow exponentially in an upstairs Lab and a street-level gallery.

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Contact: modalisboa.pt


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