Kris Wu x Gentle Monster pop-up space opens in Shanghai

“THE ROLLER” pop-up space co-created by Gentle Monster and artist Kris Wu has opened its doors in Shanghai, China. “THE ROLLER” was inspired by the motif of a PARKING LOT as a hideout for artists. In light of Kris Wu’s hobby in fast speed racing and his luxurious lifestyle, the space contains various symbolistic details.


At the end of the mysterious hallway, there stands the entrance of the “THE ROLLER” space with various experiences awaiting visitors. Upon entering the roller rink, one will find two large monitors displaying the ‘GENTLE WU’ collection, and between them is an eye-catching structure of a futuristic vehicle.
With the entertaining backdrop of a roller skating rink, this pop-up space allows visitors to experience various activities in a unique space.

“THE ROLLER” space will be in operation for 2 months from its opening on the 18th of July.
The pop-up space will also contain two Shanghai exclusive sunglasses and a GENTLE WU glove with additional metal accessories that were not included in the previously launched ‘GENTLE WU’ collection.

Address: 3F, No. 798-802, Huangpu  District Huaihai Road, Shanghai, China
Duration : 2020.07.18 ~ TBD
Operation Hours: 11:00 – 21:00