Kudur! A music and performance-focused party series organized by the trans/queer PoC members of the collective KUDUR

#SaveTheDate Berlin! Kudur is back! Bigger, juicer, louder and wilder than ever! The dance floor will be sexy! Entry is free. Berlin must continue to offer spaces that transcend the boundaries of class, wealth and status. Kudur once again is here to provide a place of care and share on 28.05, from 23:00 on, at Christa Kupfer!


This event prioritizes BIPOC, queer, and trans* people. Racism, sexism, trans*- and homophobia, ableism, and other forms of discrimination and any kind of boundary violations will not be tolerated.

»funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH«. 


11 PM 
Location: Christa Kupfer
Free entrance

“Kudur is a music and performance-focused party series organized by the trans/queer PoC members of the collective with the same name. At Kudur, Middle-Eastern, Balkan and Mediterranean-flavored house/pop music is served. We define Kudur as a queer melting pot for all the tastes and flavours of music.

Kudur, as a collective, came together through our mutual love of Turkish pop and appreciation of Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean musical cultures. The Mediterranean region has sustained a multitude of civilizations, and languages throughout time and we are drawing inspiration from the idea of crossing boundaries between genres, borders, and generations. We are trying to highlight the junctions of music, culture, and politics with our events. The sonic/cultural map we want to draw reflects the fluidity of exchanges. We bond with a growing dissatisfaction with the prevailing hegemony in Berlin’s party scene and as a not-for-profit and volunteer-run community of artists, ravers, and creatives, bound together by the ambition to create a space of expression and a healing environment. 

Making space for the community and keeping a musical archive of the musical backgrounds and roots we are coming from is our priority. As queers, we are well aware that the archives presented to us are fiction. As people who have had to deal with the fiction of a socially prescribed normativity, we want to keep our archives and create worlds.”

Line Up:
Nefs-i kür
Belanze soundcloud.com/belanze
Concentio soundcloud.com/concentio_berlin
Gîn Bali soundcloud.com/ginbali
Nuur soundcloud.com/ariesfallenangel