Landscape Film Festival Berlin

“STOP TALKING, START SHOORTING!!” LANDSCAPE BERLIN celebrates its first edition and KALTBLUT is one of its proud partners. Landscape Berlin is a new kind of festival following one movement: To become a lab where both amateur and professional filmmakers create films in a mindset of collaboration and spontaneity. Kickoff Event – 14th July, 19h – 19.30h: MEET AND GREET: All the participants arrive at the venue. 19.30h – 20.30h: KICKOFF SPEACH + FILM CROWDFUNDING WORKSHOP “Crowdfunding for film: How to run a successful campaign” (delivered by Indiegogo). 20.30 -21.45h: FORMATION OF TEAMS + NETWORKING: The participants are organised into six groups and given their starting point.


The mission is smart and simple as equal: “Stop talking, start shooting!”, which means the creation of a dynamic hub for films lovers to meet likeminded people from different filmmaking areas and connect while working together in the creation of short films. Whatever your skills/interests are – directing, scripting, producing, camera, light, sound, editing- this is your festival, because this festival is open to all. The purpose of this mission is not an award, this is a platform to Learn, Network, Share and Create.

During the two weeks of the festival, the participants will will be formed into teams and be challenged to produce a short film from scripting to editing. Each team will be given a geographical starting point where the scene will be set for the rest of the short.

10155949_716479678416878_3041965132561688613_nWhy Landscape? Because nowadays cites act as living creatures, they move, they develop as the are part of the human structure. The idea is to see Berlin as a character of itself, creating a visual and human memory of the city and show the life of its diverse inhabitants. In doing so the teams hope to capture Berlin as it is currently and to tell the simple stories that happen every day defining its contemporary Landscape. Sometimes the best way to describe and define a city is by telling the simple stories that happen every day and define its contemporary human landscape. This is is the time of Berlin, but Madrid and some other cities are on their way in the future.

During the two weeks of the festival there will be networking events, workshops, movie screenings and informal Q&A sessions with directors who will come to share a glass of wine and their experiences. And of course, on the 31 of July will take place the open air screening of all the short films produced over a period of the next two weeks (14 – 27th July) and and after party at Freiluftkino Pompeji to celebrate the first edition of Landscape Film festival.


KALTBLUT Magazine is always searching for new forms of Art, supporting new talents and new creators, and as this is a Berlin based magazine, we’re proud of being part of this movement.

Check on the festival website and don’t miss any of it.

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