LAS Light Art Space presents Refik Anadol – Latent Being, Nov 23, 2019 – Jan 5, 2020 at Kraftwerk Berlin

LAS Light Art Space will present its inaugural exhibition Latent Being by Refik Anadol. The immersive, audio-visual installation marks Anadol’s first solo presentation in Germany and will take place at the former power plant Kraftwerk Berlin. The newly commissioned installation will focus on artificial intelligence and its creative potential, whilst posing questions about our relationship to it. The accompanying programme LAS+ will expand on these themes, debuting a new work by Amnesia Scanner and featuring a performance by Holly Herndon.

Latent Being will explore aesthetics at the convergence of human interaction and machine intelligence. Visitors will walk through a constantly-evolving and immersive environment of Berlin-related digitised visual and sonic memories. The dynamic sensory installation will re- spond to the vast concreteness of Kraftwerk Berlin. Anadol will employ the most cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, high volumes of digitised data, and real-time tracking of the visitors’ movement pat- terns. Representations of the city, the space and the audience’s physical presence will be processed by the machine and transformed into mesmerising A.I. data paintings, depicted on a monumental LED screen. For Anadol, the “machine-hallucinated images come to repre- sent collective memory, hidden layers of history, and the consciousness of a city that, otherwise, might remain unseen”. The project is based on an algorithm developed by NVIDIA researchers called Style- GAN (Style-Based Generator Architecture for Generative Adversarial Networks) which was then modified with custom latent space explorer software, developed by Refik Anadol Studio. 

Anadol’s installation turns the vast space of Kraftwerk Berlin into a temporary A.I.-human ecosystem in which visitors and the architecture become performers by providing constant input into the ‘mind’ of the machine. The artist’s work investigates philosophical foundations of machine consciousness and memory, and questions how perception and experience of time, space, actions and movement are radically changing with artificial intelligence generating new, independent formats.

Refik Anadol (*1985 born in Istanbul, Turkey) lives and works in Los Angeles, United States. Anadol is a media artist, designer and director, and also teaches as a lecturer and visiting researcher at the University of California Los Angeles, Department of Design Media Arts

LAS+ Latent Being will be accompanied by LAS+, a platform for experimental and interdisciplinary exchange, encouraging dialogue and collabora- tion between artists, scientists, writers, musicians, and technologists. 

SATURDAY, 23.11.2019, 4 – 5 PM
Artist talk with Refik Anadol and Ben Vickers, CTO at the Serpentine Galleries London 

SATURDAY, 30.11.2019, 9 – 10 PM
Performance and installation by Amnesia Scanner: ANESTHESIA SCAMMER, a new work commissioned by LAS. It will consist of three acts of narration, music, video, animatronics and A.I. poetry. ANESTHESIA SCAMMER is a spiritual sequel to the artists’ audio play Angels Rig Hook exploring millenarian anxieties and digital deities. The duo have previously worked and performed with Oracle, the ghost summoned from the Amnesia Scanner machine. Oracle, this time embodied in the form of an animatronic sculpture, will become the lead protagonist. System vulnerabilities, information overload and sensory excess inform their work, which has found a home in both clubs and galleries. Amnesia Scanner is a Berlin-based music duo, performing arts group, experience design studio and production house, created by Finnish artists Ville
Haimala and Martti Kalliala.

FRIDAY, 6.12. 2019, 9 – 10 PM
Performance by Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst: PROTO (restaged) Composer, musician, and sound artist Holly Herndon and her long- time collaborator Mat Dryhurst will present a new theatrical staging of their most recent album PROTO. It features Spawn, their ‘A.I. baby’, interpreting and collaborating with a contemporary ensemble of vo- calists. The staging of PROTO within Kraftwerk Berlin’s breath-taking space will immerse the audience in Herndon’s unique take on the is- sue of technology and humanity – presenting AI, not as something dehumanising, but as an opportunity to appreciate and interact with human beauty through new eyes. Holly Herndon (*1980) was born in Tennessee, United States, she currently lives and works in Berlin.

Holly Herndon

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