Hailey Bieber x Heron Presto


Happy Birthday, Levi´s! In celebration of 501® Day – May 20th, marking the 146th year since the original blue jean’s invention – Levi’s® brand teamed up with Heron Preston to reinterpret the most iconic piece of clothing. Together, Levi’s® and Heron created limited-edition 501®s for both men and women that marry the 501®’s classic appeal with Heron’s approach to streetwear.

Multi-faceted Creative Heron Preston doesn’t have time to waste. Long haul flights are his time to design, Uber rides are for creating his next DJ set and he takes multiple meetings at the same time via WhatsApp. Heron’s designs reflect the fast-paced, ever-changing digital age where Instagram inspires as much as it does connects. It is with that constant kinetic energy that Heron presents his new Levi’s® x Heron Preston 501® jean collection for Levi’s® 501® Day, 2019.

Featuring two takes on the iconic Levi’s® 501® jean—one women’s and one men’s—the collection is a juxtaposition of asymmetry, experimentation, and imperfection for a 501® that is at once fresh and familiar. On the women’s side, elements include hand-dyed orange tint on the front—representing Heron’s iconic use of orange in his designs–with faded indigo denim on the back, distressing, graphic prints, open side seams secured by orange back darts, and a reversed back pocket with a flattened out Levi’s® Red Tab.

On the men’s side, using front and back panels from two different 501 jeans, Heron creates a black and white tie-dye pattern on the front with classic faded indigo on the back. There’s also a flattened out Red Tab attached to a reversed back pocket. Both jeans feature a special edition Heron Preston orange label on the front waistband, as well as Levi’s® Batwing logo tab sewed into the outseam on the side and an orange screenprint underneath the back patch.

“You can see the strength of the 501® jean — how absolutely iconic it is in its design when, after we chopped it up, coloured it, and twisted it, it’s still unmistakably the 501® jean,” says Heron Preston.

Both the men’s and women’s Levi’s® x Heron Preston 501® jeans are available in limited quantities, with only 501 of each being made for a special edition release on Levi’s® 501® Day. And to kick off the Levi’s 501® Day festivities, Heron, along with his friend Hailey Bieber, will debut his fresh new 501® creations in a special Levi’s® x Heron Preston 501® campaign shot by Meritocracy Inc.’s Matthew and Karla Welch.

shop the new collection at www.levi.com