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Lex Gorlov – An Interview

Lex Gorlov is a visual artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. His works are grotesque narratives based on isolation of the characters and the full intimacy of their existence. They are visual forms of soliloquy. In his works he touch on the themes of the ephemerality of life and fear of the certainty of death, disorientation and alienation of characters in the space of external world.


KALTBLUT: How did you discover painting?

Lex: Probably it began in my childhood, at that time I already wanted to be an artist. But deliberately, I’ve begun working in the sphere of visual art recently. At first I worked as an illustrator but this job didn’t allow the expression of the thoughts and the ideas and at a concrete moment I turned to my own projects.


KALTBLUT: Where do you choose your themes from? What are your influences?

Lex: I’ve always been fascinated by the theme of death and everything associated with it, as well as the imperfection of a human being and fear and certain existential experiences connected with it. For a long time I was afraid to work with this theme, but a few years ago, I had a deep rethinking of all of my art and my own fears too, I finally decided on the main topics of my art.

My starting point was my own childhood and the little town in which I was born, where I often saw death in all its aspects. Later I learned not to notice it, but at some point, probably it’s necessary to open your eyes.

In art I was very much influenced by Francis Bacon and his expressive approach of creating of the images. The certain impression has been left by Goya’s, Munch’s and Schiele’s works.

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KALTBLUT: You are also involved in all kinds of art. Which one is the one for you?

Lex: At the moment, collage and painting are the most relevant for me. But I’ve never limited myself in a choice, usually a project itself defines a technique and materials. Basically I try to combine classical forms of expression with elements which are characteristic for a certain length of time, for example the imitation of digital glitches or images from Instagram.

tumblr_nv2x3bZRxj1qhxaxxo1_1280 tumblr_nva8gmf8Wz1qhxaxxo1_1280

KALTBLUT: Are you working on something specific at the moment?

Lex: For several months I’ve been working on the series ЯΔИDOМ_STЯVCTVЯΞS.

In this project, the stochastic process is the basis for the formation of the finite picture. The structure of the spaces, the characters and their symbolism are formed in a random order, regardless of the original found pictures or material.

Here the main theme is the mystification of conspiracy theories, the search for new unusual hidden meanings and spaces detached in visual images and objects, the search for the fact that the human eye perhaps shouldn’t see.

Interview by Emma E. K. Jones