Liam Hodges Spring/Summer 2017

#LCM! Liam Hodges unveiled it´s new Spring/Summer 2017 colletion during London Collections Men. The designer is  mixing materials and proportions with a youthful energy for the next summer season. Styled like classic boiler suits, hoodies and shirts were tucked into trouser waistlines, with extra-long shoelaces used as decorative ties. Trousers and shirts were patched together in separate patterns of khaki, white, black and red. LOVE IT!

Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy12 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy10 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy9 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy8 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy7 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy6 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy5 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy4 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy3 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy2 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy1 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy20 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy19 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy18 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy17 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy16 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy15 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy14 Liam-Hodges_ss17_fy13