Like my father’s done! Photography Elena Sokolova

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Creative direction and photography Elena Sokolova. Model is Volya. Style by Marina Ulyanova. Make up and hair by Olga Bigel. The photographer says: “I am Russian with global soul currently living in Moscow. My background is brand management in fashion industry. Life path brought me to photography several years ago and I am very happy about it! My passion is to tell the story, weather I create a personal shoot or do a project for a client. I am fond of mixing styles and ideas, playing on contrasts and working on the edge. I love making fashion feel personal – like in this project. When my father passed away, we did not have a chance to say goodbye. This is my goodbye and words I never said: “I love you papa and I know how much you loved me” – Dedicated to my father. He had a controversial personality – military man with all consequences, very very closed, but at the same time fancy and cheerful.”

Shirt stylist`s own
Tie soviet vintage
Trousers by Zara
Socks by Uniqlo
Boots by Mango Premium

Jacket by Fila Vintage
Cap Soviet Vintage
Trousers by Nybo Jensen
Shirt Soviet vintage
Boots by Converse

Sweater Vintage
Trousers Lee Vintage
Cape Soviet Military Vintage
Boots by Converse

Sweatshirt by Nike Vintage
Trousers by Lee Vintage
Boots by Zara
Belt Soviet Military Vintage
Sunglasses by George Keburia

Total look Soviet vintage

Shirt by Gucci
Trousers by Zara
Shoes Soviet Military Vintage

Sweatshirt by Adidas Vintage
Shirt and belt by Vetements
Trousers and boots Soviet Military Vintage

Creative direction and photography Elena Sokolova /
Style by Marina Ulyanova
Make up and hair by Olga Bigel
Model is Volya at