Lockdown Angels – save Diskothek Melancholie 2 and Fiese Remise!

How do independent clubs in Berlin’s Kreuzberg deal with the COVID-19 safety closures and what is the future of the nightlife in the city which never sleeps?

The global coronavirus crisis hit the event branch the hardest, no doubt. And from all the different cultural venues, it will be the clubs which will stay closed the longest, with the earliest possible date to reopen in Berlin set to 31.08. That makes 5 months of no income whatsoever, and even though the state-issued financial help is available to all of the companies, many of the 280 clubs which are located in Berlin will not make it through the crisis.

There are some initiatives, with United We Stream powered by the Clubcommission, arte.tv and Radio 1 being the most recognizable one, trying to grasp on the topic and provide the venues with the most essential financial assistance.

Yet, almost each one of Berlin clubs kicked off a crowdfunding campaign, designated to cover the most urgent expenses – to give themselves a chance to stay over water and reopen after the months of uncertainty will pass. Among them are Diskothek Melancholie 2 and Fiese Remise, two independent, underground venues located in Kreuzberg run by one collective, and being home to many different queer parties and events over the past years, including RIOT, Fridges, Mala Junta, or High Society held on CSD Sunday last year.

The collective behind the clubs came up with a crowdfunding campaign supported with a series of streams, following the concept of first giving, before asking for financial support. The crowdfunding is based on a rich offer of goodies available on their Startnext page, including merch, guestlists for the future events, tickets for exclusive boat parties, art objects, a proper selection of vinyl records and workshops.

The streams are to mirror the diverse program of both clubs, naturally, with their queer events included, with RIOT coming up this Friday, the 15.05 and Fridges, on the 23.05. Tune in to support the local scene artists and check out their crowdfunding to give the independent queer-friendly spaces a chance to survive!

Text by Karina Nawrat
Images by Rafael Medina
Instagram: @rafaml

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