Łódź – The Changing Face of a City!

I am just back from a great week at FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łódź. And I had some time to walk through the city. The city is right now in a transformation modus. So I thought I do some photos of the old Łódź before the town is showing its new face. Łódź – the former textile industry empire, today is a city of modern technologies, creative enterprises and grand events.



It is a metropolis where a landscape of industrial architecture mixes with silhouettes of office buildings, production halls, culture and sports buildings.

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About: “A small settlement, that in 1423 was granted civic rights, was thriving at the beginning of the 19th century. Lodz became one of the Europe`s biggest and fastest growing textile industry centre. At that time, a new identity of the city – a promised land and a city of many cultures was created. In Lodz people of different nationalities and religions shared the same dream of a success. Despite the differences they were able to build the city together.

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Today Lodz is still attracting business due to its central location, proximity to the capital, investors-friendly policy of the municipality, scientific and human resources. Lodz authorities undertake many actions in order to improve the city attractiveness – develop the airport, invest in new roads and quality of railway infrastructure. Our city choose investors from the sector of business process outsourcing, IT, house appliances manufacturing, logistics and accounting. In recent years well-known companies have located their business in Lodz: Infosys, Indesit Company, BSH, Gillette, Fujitsu Services and Hutchinson.

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Lodz constitutes a good example of revitalization processes. A few years back architects and designers brought back to life historic industrial complex of Izrael Poznański and changed it into Manufaktura – a modern trade and entertainment centre. Nowadays the biggest challenge for the city is the renovation of historic thermal power plant EC-1 together with modernization of the area which is to become a New Centre of Lodz.

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The revitalization processes and good atmosphere for creativity are conducive to development of new culture-based branches in Lodz: design, fashion, film and other audiovisual arts. These new trends, comprising artistic talents, business and modern education are supported and promoted in common strategy, known as Lodz creates. Postindustrial areas become space for new festival centers, ateliers, boutiques, studios and original clubs.

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Lodz offers a number of entertainment and recreation venues. At famous Piotrkowska street many events and celebrations take place. You can find here also a plenty of pubs and clubs. Those who like green areas can spend their time in one of over 30 parks, go to Łagiewniki – the biggest urban wood in Europe or have fun at Fala – a modern aquapark. Atlas Arena, a multipurpose hall, one of the biggest building of this kind in Poland, is the pride of the city. Thanks to its existence Lodz can host the concerts of the world`s biggest artists, sports games and grand fair events.” Source