London Fashion Week AW15-16 – A Review

London Fashion Week is over. Time to take a look back at the fashion circus during these days.  In addition to the exclusive backstage reports from our UK Editor Karl Slater and our main reports, I had the chance to see various presentations, to meet exciting designers, fashion people and friends around the world and was able to enjoy a good time.


London has its own, very special fashion taste. For many the style seems to be sometimes a little over the top and when the sun is shining, people running around without socks or with cropped tops while we freeze. But the courage and passion for fashion of British people is still inspiring and it makes fun watching them. Next to big players like Burberry, Peter Pilotto, Mulberry or Topshop Unique there have been also smaller or unknown designers. Unfortunately we couldn’t see all, but let’s take a look of few of them.


Thanks London Fashion Week for having us. Looking forward to the next season.

Christopher Raeburn AW15-16:

The collection IMMERSE is a bold exploration of the colours, textures and experiences associated with a life spent at sea. IMMERSE shows once  again Raeburn’s ability to combine creative flare with function and attention to detail.

Christopher Raeburn 01 +
Christopher Raeburn 02 +
Christopher Raeburn 03_title +
Christopher Raeburn 04

Felder Felder FW15-16: Dani und Anette Felder look to sixties Berlin this season, where sex, glamour, politics, rock n roll and fun coexisted in radical form at the Kommune 1. The collection was called Don’t hate what you don’t Understand.

Faustine Steinmetz FW15-16:

This season was inspired by the way in which we consume clothes. Faustine Steinmetz was herself asking when did we stop seeing our clothes as aprecious objects and reproduced everyday pieces to make everyday clothing special.

Faustine Steinmetz 01 +
Faustine Steinmetz 02 +
Faustine Steinmetz 03

Markus Lupfer FW15-16:

A walk in a secret garden is a study in enchanted forests, faurytale woodlands, and the unkown. Dark motifs and masculime lines signify a tougher Markus Lupfer girl.

Markus Lupfer 01+
Markus Lupfer 02+
Markus Lupfer 03 +
Markus Lupfer 04

Belstaff FW15-16:

Belstaff invited to the Old Session House to give an exclusively preview of selected pieces of the Fall Winter 2015 womenwear collection.

Belstaff 01+
Belstaff 02+
Belstaff 03 +
Belstaff 04

Phoebe English AW15-16:

With gothic character the crafty collection offered romanticized rebellion with voluminous layers of organza and woven black velvet.

Phoebe English 01 +
Phoebe English 02 +
Phoebe English 03 +
Phoebe English 04+
Phoebe English 05

Wilson PK AW15-16:

Inspired by Cubism, the gentrification of artist communities within London and the social hierarchy of the city from his volunteering experience at Crisis homless shelter, the collection features statement pieces in leather, organza and power knit with textural details including foiling, 3D printed beading and rubber mixed lambs wool.

Wilson PK 01+
Wilson PK 02 +
Wilson PK 03

All Photos (apart from Felder Felder) by Anita Krizanovic

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