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Lookbook: 3_6_9 Fall / Winter 2018

May I introduce you to 3_6_9 aka Katarzyna Glinka. Born 21.04.1995 in Warsaw, Poland – is a fashion designer and artist. She finished studies in 2017 at Academy of Fine Art in Lodz. Graduated from the faculty of Fashion Design and Textile Art with specialty of Fashion Design and Experimental Textiles. On her account she has many individual and group exhibitions connected with art, as well as with fashion design. She signs her projects under the name 3_6_9. Factor that inspires her greatly in fashion design is kitch and factors assoiated with this kind of ‘art’: colors, factures, details and textiles. She doesn’t make kitch art but she takes what inspires her most from this subject. She wants to make kitch unique and exclusive. She is not inspired with actual trends, she wants to make fashion for the future, for people with great sense of beauty and sensitive for art and design. She says that clothes are an art that should be admired and appreciated. Photography by Zuza Gołaś. Models are Vladyslav Deynezhenko and Agata Baran.

“The subject of collection is an idea of kitsch understood as art of happiness. I concentrated on emotions and feelings made by it. We are afraid of kitsch, we don’t want to have any common with it, but on the other hand kitsch is everywhere, we meet every day and it doesn’t matter if we want it or not. We can say that the kitsch art makes our grey life more colorful, with more sense of humor. Paradoxically being among kitsch can make us happy.”

Taking the project, I wasn’t aimed at making receivers surprised and shocked by creating clothes which are obvious examples of kitsch. My collection is an invitation to discussion about the borderlines what is beautiful in art and what is in a bad taste. When I started to design I had in my mind a conversion the idea of kitsch into a collection of clothes for women and man.

The most important in design process are emotions evoked in my person as an author but I also wanted to create the same strong emotions in receivers, concentrate their attention to the project, check their reaction and make them analyze the concept of kitsch. My collection draws extensively on some assumption of art of kitsch which are freedom of creation, lack of limitation and avoidance of formalities. As a result my choice of fabrics, their colors and additional elements are completely free. There isn’t any specific borderlines or guidelines I should follow. The only one criterion appeared in design process should be happiness and freedom of creation.

Kitsch is an inspiration and phenomenon having influence on the project but the collection can be named kitschy depends on the taste of receivers. The leading collection line is form A, combined with several oversize silhouettes.  Elements used in my collection are: foams, fabric with snake pattern, nets and jeans. Attention draw particularly details such as decorative snaps, visible backstitch in jeans, zips, chains and strings which in untypical way joins different parts of clothes.

In collection there is a wide scope of clothes: coats, jackets, sweatshirts, trousers, skirts, dresses and blouses. Various shades of red, brown, gold and dark blue shaded of jeans were dominant colors. Metallic gussets are stand out elements. Additionally, in some parts of figures, manually faded jeans was used.” says Katarzyna Glinka

Photography by Zuza Gołaś / web.facebook.com/ZuzaGolasPhotography
Model is Agata Baran
Model is Vladyslav Deynezhenko
Make up and hair by Wiktoria Glinka


All the looks are made by Katarzyna Glinka under the name 3_6_9

Instagram: @3_6_9___
Facebook page: @369brand