LOOKYLOOKY AW15/16 “Crew love ‘then and now'”

Det is Berlin! A few weeks ago I discovered a new Berlin based streetwear brand: LOOKYLOOKY and I like their stuff a lot. “Crew love ‘then and now'” is the new Autumn/Winter lookbook. They say about it: “We are a handsome bunch. Not the way people think of handsome. Handsome in a unique way of having a free and independent mind. None of us care what other people think. Handsome for being truly and beautifully unique. We are independent. We are on our own together. We are here – laughing and crying,smoking and drinking. We have always been the best company to each other. Crew love is true love. Then and now.”


WORD! I am in! Have a look by yourself: 

BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_21 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_20 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_19 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_18 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_17 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_15 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_14 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_13 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_12 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_11 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_10 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_9 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_8

Official about: Most t-shirtlabels tend to get lost in the delusion of having their products striking a balance between affiliation and distinction. Thing is, there is no such balance, and if there was one, it wouldn’t be maintained by a t-shirtlabel. Those Looky Looky girls don’t have so much in common with your ordinary flashy shirtfactory, except the tees. It is actually more of a Thelma & Louise affair, except Louise is more of a Luise and there is no Thelma at all. But there are Conny and Julia instead. There’s this crewthing going on between them, a little made you look-attitude here, a little bigmouth strikes again-temper there, all bound together by loads of charm, style and humor. They would be passing ideas, drafts and designs onto each other, as in „they are doing their thing“ and in the end there’s this stock of fresh apparel that you might check out at their homepage. Simple as that. Plus they have a blog, too!

BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_6 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_5 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_4 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_3 BOLD_LookyLooky_FW15_1

Contact: lookylookyposse.de // @Facebook

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