LOST RIVER by Ryan Gosling (2014)

So this happened: sweetheart and bedroom eye Ryan Gosling debuts as director. And it’s a complete eye porn stylo overload, a modern fairy tale.

The financial crisis hit the USA hard and big industrial towns die, the people are leaving. Lost in a town like this are Billy and her two sons Frankie and Bones are fighting their own demons, while Billy needs to work in a night club, where perverts indulge their deepest passions, the boys need to face their monsters. And more and more the curse of the so called „lost river“ breaks through the surface.

Gosling chose Detroit for it’s dark drama, the ghost city of the US. He fills the depressing scenery with a lot of neon colors, great and beautiful actors and a synthesizer soundtrack by Johnny Jewel.  It’s impressing how philosophical and sad Gosling creates this nightmare and you won’t see anything artistic again this summer. But beware: it’s also very brutal and bloody.