LOVE – A short by CLAN

CLAN is a small self-sufficient design gang based in Moscow. They create design and motion graphics for advertising and television, but also like small provocations. People say there was no sex in the USSR. The word ‘sex’ is considered to be something really private and secret, not to be talked about in public. This message is about strong sex-related taboos, even in modern day Russia. But love will never disappear. Make diverse love all year round: at home, in a movie theater, in a furniture store, in different countries, with any mindset.

“Same as a teenager unintentionally just by intuition draws ‘DICK’ on his desk at school, we tried to close this art gestalt through a compilation of sexual sketches. Collection of love installations, an orgy of meanings, a simple and sensible dialogue reminds us that love is different, that love is the beginning of all good things in the universe.” — Anton Shavkero, Art Director of CLAN studio says

CLAN: Anton Shavkero, Alexander Gorin, Ilya Korolev, Ivan Rys, Zinnur Mistafin, Yuriy Adam
Instagram: @clanhub
Sound: Daruma Audio