ModaLisboa FW17/18 – #Boundless! One of our favourite designer from Portugal unveiled a stunning FW17/18 collection at the fashion fest in Lisbon. May I introduce you to LUÍS CARVALHO´s DEEP collection?! From the deepest areas of the ocean comes the inspiration for fall/winter 17/18. The dark waters, the plants and the marine animals that inhabit these depths, send us to organic forms and with different volumes. Contrast volumes between fluid and structured in materials with different textures. The feeling of lightness and tranquility experienced in this environment is represented by the transparencies and the brightness of the materials. The colors get darken, based on the palette black and blue, appearing deep green and oriental red as contrasting colors. Watch the full runway show below.

SPONSORS: Riopele; Vilartex; Pretonubranco; Eureka shoes

Luís Carvalho was born in 1987, in Vizela. In 2002, he started his fashion training, graduating in Fashion and Textile Design at the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco.  He participated in various competitions in Portugal and abroad, and he won the award for best male look at Acrobactic 2011. He worked at ModaLisboa and at Filipe Faísca and Ricardo Preto’s studios. Luís Carvalho was a fashion designer at Salsa Jeans for two and a half years until he decided to create his own brand.

2013 was a turning point in his career. Since the creation of the LUIS CARVALHO brand, the challenges have multiplied. In the same year, he presented his first collection at ModaLisboa and since then has been a constant presence at Lisbon Fashion Week.

In 2014, he opened his first physical space in Vizela, LUIS CARVALHO | Studio, the brand’s new home, which gathers his atelier and own store.

In the following year, he was invited to teach at the Professional School CENATEX, in Guimarães. After a school year, Luís Carvalho also accumulated the functions of coordinator of the Fashion Design course. In 2016 he was honored with the GQ Men of The Year award in the category of Fashion Designer.


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