Lunchbox Candy @ ÆDEN, Berlin

Following on from the success of their maiden voyage last November that gathered such diverse souls in search of that infectious, freedom-invoking thrill and pounding beat, Lunchbox Candy lights up ÆDEN again on April 23rd for another round of erotic raving and genre-unbounding creative outbursts. For the occasion, LbC’s founding duo Elninodiablo and Adam Munnings have joined forces with additional hosts who are close friends and associates including Phoenix Chase-Meares, Dustin Hanke, Nancy Grrl and Rainer Sellien, who will each add their inimitable style and spin to a fiery smorgasbord of sequin-studded, love bursting, high-heel-perched devotion to the groove.

An intimate communicative assembly designed to bring people as close as ever, Lunchbox Candy’s second iteration keeps that distinctively wild and loving spirit at heart, handing the keys to its temple of pleasure to a stellar cast of booty-shaking experts in the names of La Schmock, Borusiade, Lovefoxy and party operators and residents Adam Munnings and Elninodiablo w/t Sudha Kheterpal on percussion.

Lighting up the path towards a climactic celebration of diversity and radical self-expression, showcasing the finest of subversive drag culture amongst a flurry of unpredictable queer-centric motifs, GEGEN resident and Italo Moderni affiliate La Schmock will bring over his signature cosmic touch, ushering the dance floor into a synth-splattered maelstrom of shimmering disco melodies, arpeggiated rhythms and explosive new beat/boogie-informed versatility.

With releases for some of the most highly regarded record labels out there including Dark Entries, Ostgut TON offshoot Unterton, Pinkman, Comeme, Correspondent and more, Romanian-born/Berlin-based DJ and producer Borusiade will treat us to a three-hour voyage across her spooky Imaginarium, running the gamut far and wide, from dark-wave to acid techno, through fractured EBM beats and synthpop.

Completing the picture are Fania Folaji, AKA Lovefoxy, Adam Munnings and Elninodiablo featuring world-renowned percussionist Sudha Kheterpal for a second salvo of their incendiary live combo. Hailing from Berlin, Lovefoxy gears up to take the audience by storm with an eclectic fusion of pumping and uplifting ’90s house-doped heat, from K-Hand to Masters at Work, via Paul Johnson, DJ Deeon and more.

Lunchbox Candy co-main operators Elninodiablo and Adam Munnings will each make sure to keep dancers and revellers on their toes through bespoke selections and live jamming of the finest order, crowned by the exclusive music video premiere of Elninodiablo’s sizzling upcoming number, ‘Blitzkrieg’, directed by Adam Munnings

Line Up: 
10:00pm – 1:00am: La Schmock (Gegen) 
1:00am – 5:00am: Elninodiablo w/t Sudha Kheterpal (live percussion)
5:00am – 8:00am: Borusiade (Dark Entries/Comémé) 
8:00am – 11:00am: Adam Munnings (Lunchbox Candy)
11:00am – End: Lovefoxy (Refuge Worldwide)

What? Lunchbox Candy
Where? ÆDEN, Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin
When? Saturday, April 23rd, 10:00 pm – Open End