Lunchbox Candy @ ÆDEN, Berlin

Fellow raver, dreamer, lover, seeker – if you haven’t already stopped by ÆDEN for one of their parties, Lunchbox Candy (LBC) is your next stop in Berlin’s network of hedonistic alcoves. Fruit of a lockdown brainstorm between music producer / floor agitator Elninodiablo and film / creative director and DJ Adam Munnings, Lunchbox Candy is a tentacular hub and space where the finest of Berlin’s creative community gathers to give full vent to its all-embracing fantasies. A safe, queer, sex-positive space, LBC was conceived as a gesture of gratitude towards the people who have made our past, present and future creative ventures possible and aims at weaving our beloved souls together in one weightless, prejudice-free carnival of sorts where your inner drag and exuberant self can fully and unstintingly assert themselves in the friendliest and most intimate environment. LBC’s next party on Sunday November 28th features an array of artists who share the very same DNA and love for lively, genre-unbound partying. To get guestlist, email with your name and contact details.


Kicking off the festivities at 3pm we have Gegen resident La Schmock, whose recent release “Tears In Love” for Italo Moderni features all the ingredients of his signature dreamy, ebulliently dynamic compositions, reflected in his DJ sets.

Taking over the decks from 5pm to 8pm is London-based producer and jockey Alex Warren alias KIWI, alum of the Kompakt, Correspondant, Optimo and Futureboogie fold and founder of Crossbreed – sister queer collective that embraces the same values and ethos as LBC . Known for his cross-pollinated blends, grinding down elements of spaced-out disco, balearic, pop, driving house and much more, KIWI will treat us to his ever changing palette of joy-sublimating wares.

French DJ / producer Chloé (Lumière Noire / Permanent Vacation) will be steering the crowd into ecstatic vibrancy from 8pm to 11pm. Tapping in her love for widescreen electronics and extended floor narratives, Chloé’s set promises to lace convergent flows of far-reaching electronics tinged with a hint of psychedelic minimalism, machine funk hoodoo and kaleidoscopic EBM motifs.

LBC host and creator, Elninodiablo and world-renowned percussionist Sudha Kheterpal (Faithless, Kylie, Crazy P, Spice Girls and more) join forces for a special round of free-flowing inspiration and hi-NRG boogie- down from 11pm – 3am. Fellow LBC co-founder and creative director, Adam Munnings will round the party off from 3am to 5am, making sure attendees end-up wading in their own sweat till the very last minute.

With a carefully staged atmosphere, music policy and set design the bi-monthly party operates as a catalyser for all the energies and talents gravitating around our nightlife universe, spanning all fields from music to film, via conceptual narrative, photography, styling, art, movement, sexuality, radical self- expression, love & joy and it’s all about providing the container for that essential connection.

Lunchbox Candy’s next party is on Feb 11th 2022.

What? Lunchbox Candy
Where? ÆDEN, Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin
When? Sunday November 28th, 15:00 pm – 5:00 am
FB event: here

Photos: @parson_texas