Machine est mon Coeur – Beam of Fire

German Video Premiere! Weaving a universe made of dreams and sound collages, Machine est mon Coeur is Lo-fi, Dark-pop for lovers, dreamers and somnambulists. Taking from their second up coming album “Dystopium”, “Beam of Fire” is the first single. We are in love with the video and its  unusual atmosphere. The film was shoot in Australia by the artists themselves.

300 dpi 1200 DYSTOPIUM front

“Dystopium” will be released in February. The album was produced in France and mixed in Berlin. Dystopium explores the darker side of human nature. Machine est mon Coeur is a duet formed by Gabin Lopez (moody piano and synths) and Bianca Calandra (ghostly guitars and vocals).

300 dpi 1200 DYSTOPIUM back

The band will be touring  in Germany, make sure to grap your tickets!

13 March Hamburg (DE)- Astra Stube (Breakfast of Champions)
21 March Dusseldorf (DE) – Micro pop week festival
24 March Leipzig (DE) – Dr Seltsam
26 March Berlin (DE) – Acud Macht Neu… (with Sicker Man)


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