I want.. Nope I need it so badly! May I introduce you to New York based designer Christopher Lee Sauvé and his amazing series MADMAUS?! The print and T-shirt collection has just launched at the gallery Hotel Particlulier in SOHO. And it is my first must have item for 2014. The prints are available online as well as a limited edition t-shirt series. Get one NOW!!!!

mm_jeffrey_gaunt_mickey_middle mm_jeffrey_gaunt_pattern_white SAUVE_PILLOWS_0000_MAUS_PATCHES-01.jpg-720x720 SAUVE_PILLOWS_0021_MAUS_PATCHES-22.jpg-720x720

Official About: “Canadian-born designer Christopher Lee Sauvé has managed a modern-day coup in being heralded by the very people he teases: fashion’s elite. Christopher Lee Sauvé’s eponymous artwork has been endorsed by Vogue, Elle, New York Magazine, Huffington Post, The New York Times, Details and WWD. His designs poking fun at Vogue editor Anna Wintour, honoring late culture icon Princess Diana and showing love for Betty White have taken on a new vision in his recently released Mad Maus: ‘a marriage between infamous Mickey ears and iconic figures, two strong graphic visuals and traits making the ultimate icon’.”


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