Madonna – Rebel Heart – Pre-order

Madonna, The Queen Of Pop, has just dropped a new release for pre-order on iTunes without warning at midnight, December 20. 2015. Madonna’s had about the roughest week ever as an albums worth of demos she’s been working on all year surfaced on the internet, leaving our madge-esty outraged, with good reason. Btw I love the cover.

In response to the messy, unprecedented mass leak of over 13 unpolished demos this week, the living legend has polished off some of her work immediately, in the form of Rebel Heart. There are 6 tracks available for instant grat upon pre-order. You can officially pre-order Rebel Heart on iTunes as of December 20, although six tracks downloaded for me instantaneously.

iTunes now has the expected release date of March 10, 2015 for Rebel Heart

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