Magnum Ice Cream: Vie Magnifique Movie Competition

Magnum Ice Cream has teamed up with famous director Xavier Dolan, well known for his directorial debut “I Killed My Mother”, and i-D magazine in order to launch a short film Competition: “Be True To Your Pleasure “!

We love Magnum Ice Cream and the motto: A day without pleasure is a day lost. Magnum Ice Cream thinks exactly like we do, that everyone should follow their personal pleasure. No matter who you are and where your personal enjoyment lies, always go for it. Three young and independent filmmakers were selected by Xavier Dolan in person to create short films. The theme is: passion, pleasure and the joy of letting go. The chosen filmmakers are: Kara Smith, Andrew Cumming and Patrick Downing. During the creation of their films they were accompanied and supported by Xavier Dolan. Each of these films carries the message of “Be True To Your Pleasure”.

To explore what “true to your pleasure” really means, from their individual point of view in each movie, Magnum has joined forces with top bloggers and photographers, the like of Ari Seth Cohen.

Here are the 3 short movies: ‘Pleasure is ageless’ , ‘Pleasure is letting go’ , ‘Pleasure is following you heart’

Film 1: ZAP

Message: Pleasure is ageless

Influencer: Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style blog


Patrick Downing’s story: Pleasure is ageless, tells the story of two older people who share a quirky pleasure. Their pleasure is to give one another static shocks by deliberately become electrically charged.

Advanced Style blogger Ari Cohen, many of you know him from his blog and the documentary film about Iris Apfel, was sent by Magnum to Toronto and to the set of ZAP to have a look behind the scenes, and shoot his one of a kind images there. As a photographer, Ari tries to capture pictures of the actors in a classic street style manner. In the photograph where the two actors’ fingers meet and touch, he has succeeded in depicting the actual moment of the static shock – the moment of pleasure.

Film 2: Kai

Message: Pleasure is letting go

Influencer: Laurent Liotardo


Andrew Cummings’ film tells the story of Kai, an exceptional dance student. Kai is working hard on a daily basis with one goal: to improve. “Pleasure lies in letting go” is the message of this film. As Kai is encouraged to relax and rediscover joy in life, he discovers new aspects to his own person.

Laurent Liotardo, a ballet dancer with the English Royal Ballet, was sent by Magnum on set of the film “Kai”. Laurent is a great dance photographer, as his pictures reflect the unique spirit of joy in releasing oneself, in letting oneself go. Vie Magnifique!


Message: Pleasure is following you heart

The award-winning short film by Kara Smith tells the story of a fisherman who fights for the heart of his true love. He goes an alternative route. This path is to encourage the viewer to follow their dreams to fight for what they believe in.

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