Mai Gidah AW16

#LondonCollectionsMen! Titled “Keepsake, Keep safe” this collection is a clear move on from the previous season. As an outsider looking in it would seem Mai Gidah is fine tuning and evolving the strengths from SS16 making for an outspoken and mature AW16. Through out all the garments remains the African heritage of the designer. Intricately interweaving both European and African influences until they can no longer be told apart.

Mai Gidah_AW16_07_mini

Mai Gidah’s trade mark patten cutting being at the forefront of the design process, this time forcing on pocket and pocket detailing. With knitwear being introduced and for the first the time we see the arrival of two beautiful knitted pieces. The silhouettes have been taken from the 15th century dress codes. Replacing the ermine and silk velvet of the time with wool and technical fabrics. The length of the coats is the exact same as the length of the coats worn in the Arnolfini portrait. The Burgundy red is a clear reference to the turban worn by Van Eyck himself in the self-portrait.  Making for an amazing use of colour and well thought out colour combinations make this for a very pleasing and wearable range.

Mai Gidah_AW16_01_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_20_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_19_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_18_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_17_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_16_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_15_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_14_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_13_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_12_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_10b_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_10_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_09_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_08_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_06_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_05_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_03_mini Mai Gidah_AW16_02_mini

Website: / Text: Karl Slater

Photography: Courtney Campbell
Grooming: Pace Chen
Model: Phillip Gardener @ NEVS