Make money with eBay Kleinanzeigen. It´s so easy

I love eBay Kleinanzeigen. Every Friday morning I sit down and check what Berliners have to sell or giveaway for free. You have no idea what I’ve already gained from eBay Kleinanzeigen – from a sofa to a beamer, a bed, sneakers and my TV. But I also sell my stuff on eBay Kleinanzeigen. There are always locals who need something that I don’t need anymore. It´s so easy to make some money with ebay Kleinanzeigen instead of throwing your things away.


eBay Kleinanzeigen just launched two very funny TV spots produced by DOJO.

So whatever you have to sell or giveaway, do it on eBay Kleinanzeigen.

Launched in 2009 by eBay, but very different. The good thing with eBay Kleinanzeigen is that it’s not like eBay. You don’t have to fight with others for some great items, it´s another kind of system with fixed prices. And you can find everything on eBay Kleinanzeigen.



The categories range from family, child & baby, home & garden, arts & neighborhood, multimedia & electronics, cars, bikes ,music, film and books, as well as fashion and beauty to pets, jobs and real estate. Love it!


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