Marina and the Diamonds – Froot

Fresh out of the oven! The one and only Marina and the Diamonds has just unveiled a brand new music video: “Froot”. This is the first single from her up coming third studio album, following “The Family Jewels” in 2010 and “Electra Heart” in 2012. “Froot” will be out next year. The song is super catchy and an earworm. The video is directed by Chino Moya.


The tracklist “Froot”

1. ‘Happy’
2. ‘Froot’
3. ‘I’m a Ruin’
4. ‘Blue’
5. ‘Forget’
6. ‘Gold’
7. ‘Pin Me Down’
8. ‘Solitaire’
9. ‘Better Than That’
10. ‘Weeds’
11. ‘Savages’
12. ‘Immortal’

Marina says: ” I’ve come up with a plan which I hope you’ll love, it’s called “Froot of the Month”… When you pre-order “FROOT” I’ll send you a new track every month up until album release. So, 6 new “Froots” over 6 months. Our first “Froot of the Month” = grape!  You’ll get the song “Froot” right away when you pre-order the album on iTunes, Amazon, or on my Official Store

I want to create an experience we can all take part in together, so no matter where you live in the world you’ll all recieve the same track on the same day. 21ST CENTURY FEELS SO GOOD”

More videos from Marina and the Diamonds :


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