MARINA HOERMANSEDER Défilé Spring/Summer 2017

Marina Hoermanseder unveiled her new collection during Berlin Fashion Week. Everything felt like fashion! The Location, the Garden of the Kronprinzenpalais. The runway, the champagner-melon drinks, all the famous people and bloggers! Everyone from the Hoermaneseder Team was wearing “Hello Kitty”-Hoermannseder T-shirts, from her upcoming Collaboration with her beloved Hello Kitty and I was excited, I wanted to see kitty in the leather-belt-skirt!

2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0148_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0361_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0321_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0217_300dpi_1280p

But the collection was inspired by the C ôte d’Azur (maritim for summer-groundbreaking) and “crystal skin children” in german: Schmetterlingskinder (Butterfly children) this explains the very 50ies looking collection and the butterflies, that completed the detail-work of her well known leather-flowers and belts. The two new things of this collection are her famous belts translated in lace, wich felt short for me, because this could have been exctremly cool, but it was not (maybe next season). And the crystals, wich came from an colloaboration with Swarowski, and it makes complete sense, when you know about her inspiration. This was refreshingly new and my favourite pieces. I still want to see Hello Kitty in Marinas signature skirt and I want one of this shirts!

2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0367_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0887_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0881_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0876_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0860_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0857_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0848_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0765_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0749_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0704_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0648_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0639_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0615_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0565_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0513_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0499_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0490_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0472_300dpi_1280p 2016-06_FW_Marina-Hoermanseder0410_300dpi_1280p

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