Melt! Festival 2014

A full review! I’m sure you all know this big festival, it’s not like you need a huge introduction. So, fair enough let’s just put it like this: Melt! Festival is the biggest Electronic-meets-Rock-but-also-a-bit-of-Pop festival taking place in Germany. Now you know. Well, it was my first time, and seriously I can’t wait for the next years to go again!


The festival is running over 3 days, so no big deal. I asked my friends for some camping gear and I think that I’m totally prepared with my tent and my yoga mat to sleep on. Getting there was quite easy: 1 hour by train, a short bus trip and here I am trying to fix my tent into the ground. Was pretty easy, especially if you have a proper look at my tent:


I know right!? But enough about me, let’s focus on the festival. The location is just incredible: Ferropolis, a giant industrial museum. It was like my first time at Disneyland, I was looking everywhere, all those machines, it does really create a magical atmosphere. Add to this the 6 dance-floor spread all over the place, a view on the lake and the incredible entrance too. Well, here I was at Melt!.

day_8 day_6 day_4 day_3 day_1

When it was like this year, really sunny and warm weather – just like you are literally in a oven – it is so pleasant to know that you could jump straight in the lake from the festival. But, knowing that it will be with 1.000 other people, I prefer to take a walk to the next village, and find there a little paradise, with no one to disturb me – I like some tranquility.


Of course, with a three-day-festival, the line-up was incredible. I was really happy to get the chance to see “Kiesza”, “Robyn and Royskopp” – even if, I must say, that I was very disappointed by their performance. “Little Dragons” was just amazing, and I definitely recommend you to go right now and listen to: “Kele Okerek”, “Breach” and “Omar Souleyman” whom just burned the house down! It’s also really nice to be surprised from the live performances of artists you knew before: this is exactly what happened with Metronomy, I listened to the last album a couple of times and always thought: “Okay. Not more.” The live show was seriously a five star act! They had such a good energy. H-E-A-V-E-N!

metronomy Kele

I never was a really big fan of festivals, you know, I like to sleep properly (well, I clearly failed this time) and also there are just too many people. Maybe it was the area, but I never seriously felt suffocated or like I had to leave because of the masse. The general atmosphere is super cheerful, everyone is just there for the same reason: ENJOY! Which makes it really easy-going. People are super chill and friendly.

robyn_2 robyn_3

After 3 days of dancing, walking and swimming, going back home was a little bit hard: GOTCH’ YA! Not at all, I mean I was so happy to find my bed, to go to the fridge, to have a fresh shower and to discover 4 huge blisters on my feet. I also fell asleep straight away and woke up 12 hours later. HA! I definitely recommend this festival, especially if the weather is good. Three days of sun are still better that three days of rain! And, now I’m super tanned. By the way, if you are wondering how my photos could be so incredible, it’s easy, I’m using the world’s best camera from a waterproof smartphone, the Sony XPERIA Z2. Like my mom always said: “Only the best of Sony brings you closer to the real experience!”


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