Men & Chicken / “Mænd & høns” by Anders Thomas Jensen (2015)

Well, that’s a black comedy. The director of „Adam’s Apples“  created a new absurd story with unique characters. That’s not a movie for cuddles or popcorn. After their father died, the completely different brothers Gabriel and Elias find out that they’re adopted. They share the same father, but their mothers died right after their birth. And there’s have a bunch of more half brothers they decide to visit. So they land on a tiny island called Ork where’s a lack of women, but a lot of chicken. And the strange brothers „exercise with those chicken until they meet a woman“.

The obvious differences between all of them disappear more and more and there’s still a big secret, why all of their mothers died after giving birth to her sons. The father’s nickname is „The Dick of Death“ and so the family secret is a creepy one, but the brothers can’t denied their similarities and the thick bond between them.



men-and-chickenOnce more Jensen created an obscure background for his movie, which combines horror and slapstick. He doesn’t care about good taste, but in the end he just tells the simple story about a family. A very special one, but still… We never saw our European Superstar Mads Mikkelsen that ugly, but again he reveals his big unique talent.

And if you’re a Berliner you will recognize a well known Sanatorium as the scenery for the obscure zoo.

Danish movies are modern and unlike and have an unique style. So, if you need to let your dark side out and a good laugh, a fan of danish actors anyway, you have to watch this movie.