Millennial Migrants – Class of 2020

Introducing Millennial Migrants is a streetwear brand from Romania which takes its main inspiration from a young man’s memoirs and experiences of migration in order to find a better life while feeding his desire for knowledge in a unique form. Photography by Horatiu Sovaiala / Carnation Studio.

Millennial Migrants isn’t just a clothing brand, but also a lifestyle of surviving through optimal surroundings and with most accessible resources, starting from 10$ plane tickets to reselling second-hand clothes at their real market price. Millennial Migrants has its origins in the local culture of skateboarding, from a group of friends whose common interests laid in creative fields, such
as fine arts, music and clothing. There is no such thing as limits or boarders for Millennial Migrants, this reason being the main source of inspiration and motivation for the brand.

“Class of 2020” Lookbook

A lookbook showcasing our first collection entitled “INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING”. Champagne, loud music, shy kisses, slow dances, quirky outfits, broken glasses and broken hearts. This is how we all ended school in the past years. But this year everything changed, everything was closed down. No dramas on the hallways, on sticky dance floors and no scandalous behaviour. Today we open a new chapter, a chapter that celebrates some of the things this crazy and apocalyptic year took away, things that a lot of us had no chance of enjoying so far.

Photography by Horatiu Sovaiala / Carnation Studio / Instagram:
Styling by Veronica Nojac / Instagram: @veronicanoj
Set design by Mono Mihai / Instagram: @kul.breeze
Models are Alex Bittman, Alexandra Pate, Alina Georgescu, Cristiana Ciocoiu, Dragos Vasiloaia, Ioana Halmajan, Marian Palie, Mono Mihai, Terpez Albert, Tugay Tavukcu /
Instagram: @alexbittman @xyzpate @alinageorgescu_ @chrismarieeee @cuscrew @yoanaaah @marianpalie @__supernova______ @ttttugay

Campaign shot at Moxa 20 Studio / Instagram: @moxa.20

The brand is Millennial Migrants / Instagram: @millennialmigrants

Special thanks to Sneaker Industry Store / Instagram: @sneakerindustry